Employment Law

Employment Law

Gandall Law advises employees on how to meet any and all legal challenges related to employment in a changing job market.   

Employment matters that we are consulted on at the outset of an employment relationship include: Review of offers of employment, non-competition and trade secrets agreements, stock option agreements and  business immigration.

The balance of our practice focuses on disputes that can arise in an employment relationship: Contractual and compensation issues, restrictive covenants, dismissals, changes to the terms of employment, human rights complaints, workplace investigations, disability accommodations, pay equity, occupational health and safety, pension plans and benefits, and workplace safety and insurance issues.


If settlements to disputes cannot be reached, we will work to protect our clients’ rights through mediation, arbitration, in Court and before administrative Boards and Tribunals that deal with employment issues. 

We will litigate matters before courts at all levels as well as appear before provincial and federal administrative bodies.