Entrepreneurial Law

Starting your own business is almost guaranteed to be one of the most challenging experiences of your working life. In addition to the long hours and steep learning curve finances are often tenuous at the start and it often feels like you are spending more time on the administrative aspects of starting your business than you are on your business itself.

Despite this, information technology and the changing nature of work for the millennial generation combined with the hollowing out of the manufacturing sector in the west have lead to many choosing this difficult but potentially very fulfilling career as either a freelancer, online business owner, creative, service provider, cultural entrepreneur or some combination of the above.

An area that is both necessary and often overlooked is effective legal advice at an early stage of business growth. Specifically, the period after the business has moved from the idea stage to becoming a reality but before there are sufficient revenues to justify legal spending at the normal rates of a more mature business.

At Gandall Law we value the vibrancy that this sector brings to our community and want to make connections and build a relationship with you at an early stage of your journey. We also believe that many downstream legal problems can be avoided by taking the right steps at the start.

In order to foster this approach we offer flexible and discounted fee arrangements for small business solicitor work and dispute resolution in appropriate contexts.

Pro Bono

A community is, ultimately, only as strong as its most disadvantaged members and the quality of life for all community members is improved when overall conditions are better. Recognition of this has lead to the development of many organizations dedicated to pursuing social justice initiatives and, more generally, social benefit.   

In an effort to give back to our community Gandall Law takes on a small number of Pro Bono clients from among the core non-profit sector in order to support the work that they do. We are predominantly, but not exclusively, looking to partner with small organizations with a focus on local issues of specific importance to residents of Vancouver Island. 

If you are directing a campaign, or organization that you think could benefit from legal advice please send us an email or give us a call. We would like to sit down with you and see if we are a good fit!